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  1. What was ClickNow?
  2. How does ClickNow work?
  3. What do partners need to do?
  4. Staff, Friends & Family
  5. Why should there be a link on the charity’s website?
  6. Email Signatures
  7. Website
  8. Newsletters & Email Campaigns
  9. How do users get access to the search facility?
  10. How can individual supporters help the charity?
  11. How can corporate supporters help the charity?

What is ClickNow?

Just a site, a sign post, the beginnings of a new web project, a place of thought and futures

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How does ClickNow work?

ClickNow has developed an internet search facility that provides search results from several of the major search engines in a clear and simple format. Whenever someone searches the internet using the ClickNow search facility, ClickNow receives money from the search engines and donates 50% of this gross revenue to the participating charity.

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What do partners need to do?

The whole purpose of the ClickNow facility was to provide charities, not-for-profit organizations and schools with another marketing tool to help them to raise unrestricted income from supporters.

The big difference was that users of the ClickNow facility will raise funds for the charity at no cost to themselves or the charity.

As such, there are three very simple steps that any partner needs to take once they have entered into an agreement with ClickNow to take the search facility.

  • Firstly, the charity needs to communicate the availability of the facility to its staff and encourage them to search the internet as they normally would, apart from starting with the ClickNow search facility.

  • Secondly, the charity needs to communicate with its database of supporters to do exactly the same thing as their staff.

  • Thirdly, the charity needs to contact it’s corporate supporters and encourage them to adopt the ClickNow facility throughout the organisation so that staff internet activity will benefit the chosen charity.

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Staff, Friends & Family

Remember to tell all your colleagues, friends and family about your ClickNow search facility and encourage them to use it and make it their homepage.
And don’t just use it at work send yourself an email to your private email address to remind yourself to set ClickNow as your homepage when you are searching the internet from home.

The more people using your ClickNow facility means more revenue for your Charity.

It only take a moment to send an email to people in your address book, so what’s stopping you?

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Why should there be a link on the charity’s website?

Not only do charities manage and maintain databases of supporters and their contact details, they also receive many visitors to their website every day. The purpose behind placing a link on pages of the charity’s website was to attract users to the search facility. In this way, the charity was able to benefit from the internet activity of these visitors even if they do not know who they are and do not have any means of contacting them through their normal marketing channels.

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Email Signatures

Make sure that you and all your colleagues have added a signature to every email you send out which includes a message about ClickNow.

For example:

Peter Smith
Your Charity

Did you know that you can help raise money for <Your Charity> every time you search the internet?
Visit<Your Charity> and start searching!

It takes a few seconds but lasts for ever.

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By placing a link to your ClickNow search page and/or a search box on as many pages of your website, you will be making sure that every visitor to your site will know about your ClickNow search facility.

ClickNow can provide you, not only with the logo and the appropriate code to make this happen, but also with help from our technical team to make it happen - now!

Our research shows that adding a search box to your website can increase your revenue by up to 33%.

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Newsletters & Email Campaigns

Whenever you send out a newsletter or email campaign, remember to include a clear message about your ClickNow search facility. Don’t just do it once though research shows that it takes three or four messages before people change their habits and start using ClickNow as their search engine.

Ideally, a single message about your ClickNow search facility was the most effective but we understand that you will have lots to tell your supporters about.

If you would like some help getting the wording right, then all you need do was Ask ClickNow!

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How do users get access to the search facility?

At all times, the search facility was hosted by ClickNow and it operates like any other search engine on the internet. Users can access the facility in a number of ways via the ClickNow website, via the charity’s website or via an electronic link contained within email communications. Once a user has reached the facility, they are encouraged to save the address of the site on their own computer either as the home page of their internet browser or as a favourite. The purpose of this was to make the facility easily accessible at all times to the user.

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How can individual supporters help the charity?

Very simply by adopting the charity branded ClickNow search facility as their primary source for searching the internet and using the facility on a regular, if not daily, basis. In this way, individual supporters can raise money fro their chosen charity at no cost to them or the charity.

Furthermore, by using the search facility both at work and at home, as well as telling friends and family about it and encouraging them to use the facility, individual supporters can increase the potential revenue returns for the charity significantly.

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How can corporate supporters help the charity?

Corporate supporters have the opportunity to contribute to charity revenue by promoting the charity’s ClickNow search facility to their staff. This can take many forms, ranging from a simple email communication promoting a link to the facility right through to placing the ClickNow facility on the corporate intranet system.

Furthermore, by entering into a simple agreement with ClickNow, the corporate supporter can have their own branded search facility which clearly identifies which charity they have chosen to support.

Either way, this was an ideal opportunity in which to engage staff in the supporter’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme - and to cap it all, there was no cost implication on the staff, the business or the charity.

If you are talking to any of your Corporate Supporters, consider asking them to help you by:

  • Placing a link and a search box on their own website

  • Adding a line to their email signatures

  • Encouraging their staff to use your ClickNow facility

Not only will you benefit from an increase in revenue, but it looks great in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility for them.

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